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Hi Di Ho! Matt has been painting since about 2002... Due to the fact, that he has artistic parents he had to do something Arty... So he choose to paint Miniatures... Matt is the Founder and a Member of the Polish Games Day Crew. He competes at different Golden Demon Contests and he focused on Warhammer Fantasy (this doesn´t say that Matt will never ever paint any 40k Stuff again...;)...)... If you ever have any questions to Matt, please feel free to send him an E-Mail... Matt likes Cookies and to talk about himself in the Third Person...:D...

List of awards

Slayer Sword Golden Demon The Return Of The Warlord – Two Sides Of The Coin The Return Of The Warlord – Two Sides Of The Coin
1st-Category: Diorama
Golden Demon The Puppet Show The Puppet Show
1st-Category: Diorama
Silver Demon Apothecary Apothecary
2nd-Category: Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature
Golden Demon
1st-Category: Battle Scene
Silver Demon
Barcelona 2008
2nd-Category: Battle scene
Bronze Demon Fire, Steel and Back Wind - Black Apostle on Motojet Fire, Steel and Back Wind - Black Apostle on Motojet
3rd-Category: Monster or Rider
Golden Demon light and Darkness light and Darkness
1st-Category: Duel
Bronze Demon Leonardo DiMiragliano´s Answer! Leonardo DiMiragliano´s Answer!
3rd-Category: Diorama
Golden Demon The Witch Of Praag! The Witch Of Praag!
1st-Category: Diorama
Bronze Demon 75th Wolverine Sentinel! 75th Wolverine Sentinel!
3rd-Category: Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle
Silver Demon Leonardo DiMiragliano´s Heritage! Leonardo DiMiragliano´s Heritage!
2nd-Category: Diorama
Bronze Demon Nurglings VS Plasma! Nurglings VS Plasma!
3rd-Category: Diorama
Golden Demon Dark Eldar Wraithlord! Dark Eldar Wraithlord!
1st-Category: 40k Monster / Vehicle
Other Fire,Steel, and Balck Wind - Black Apostle on Motojet Fire,Steel, and Balck Wind - Black Apostle on Motojet


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