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The painters
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Golden Demon U.S.A. 2003 Baltimore - all on the Games Day

Slayer Sword - Jennifer HALEY
Blood Angels Renascent Champion Slayer Sword

The categories

Blood Angels Renascent Champion Category 1 : 40K Single Miniature
Golden Demon : Jennifer HALEY
Category 2 : 40K Squad
Golden Demon : Scott BOWSER
Legio B & C Squad
Slaanesh Rhino with Warp Amp Category 3 : 40K Vehicle
Golden Demon : Thomas SCHADLE
Category 4 : 40K Monster
Golden Demon : Jason RICHARDS
Putricus the Foul
Archaon and Flame Sword, Lord of the End Time Category 5 : Battle Single Miniature
Golden Demon : Jason RICHARDS
Category 6 : Battle Squad
Golden Demon : Jeff WILSON
Warhawks of Athel Loren
Bronga Iron Ead - Orc Warlord on Chariot Category 7 : Battle Monster
Golden Demon : Andrew CROMWELL
Category 8 : Battle Scene
Golden Demon : David GORMLEY
Inquistor Marcorris stops the ritual
Samwise Gamgee Category 9 : Youngblood
Golden Demon : Kyle CROMWELL
Category 10 : Open
Golden Demon : Thomas SCHADLE
Slaanesh Trinity - Ophelia Anekh Sum aht, Yngvie Al ca ar, and Moag Wotan