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The painters
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Golden Demon U.S.A. 2006 Atlanta - all on the Games Day

Slayer Sword - Jeff WILSON
Elryonn the Shifter Slayer Sword
Slayer Sword Staff - Jess HODGES
Tactical Marines Squad Slayer Sword Staff
Best of Show FW - Steve FIELDS
Fire Walker - Eldar Titan Best of Show FW

The categories

Marcus Tempest - Space Marine Chaplain Category 1 : Warhammer 40,000 Single Miniature
Golden Demon : Angela IMRIE
Category 2 : Warhammer 40,000 Squad
Golden Demon : Jeff FREEMAN
Inquisitor and Retinue
Category 3 : Warhammer 40,000 Large Model or Vehicle
Golden Demon : Erik 'Kep' PUMP
Category 4 : Warhammer Single Miniature
Golden Demon : Jeff WILSON
Elryonn the Shifter
Wardancers of Loec Category 5 : Warhammer Regiment or Large Model
Golden Demon : Jeff WILSON
Category 6 : Lord of the Rings Single Miniature
Golden Demon : Darin HLAVAZ
The Army of the Dead Category 7 : Lord of the Rings Group or Large Monster
Golden Demon : Keith RUDIS
Category 8 : Youngbloods
Golden Demon : Andrew WOODMAN
Tau Ethereal
Freelance Knight on Sabertusk Category 9 : Open
Golden Demon : Chris SPANGLE
Category 10 : Staff Single Miniature
Golden Demon : Jess HODGES
Space Marine Chaplain
Tactical Marines Squad Category 11 : Staff Squad/Regiment
Golden Demon : Jess HODGES
Category 12 : Staff Large Model
Golden Demon : Steve FIELDS
Fire Walker - Eldar Titan